Friday, October 31

Remodeling Update

We've spent the last several days working on the master bedroom (photos to come).  Skimcoating the walls was labor-intensive.  I wanted smooth walls where there was texture before, and it took massive sanding followed by 4-5 layers of skimcoating (which is thinned-down mud that you roll on and then smooth over with a squeegee) to get it to look smooth.  The ceiling had no insulation nor any drywall, plus the ceiling fan was threatening to plummet to the ground every time I turned it on.  I replaced the junction box with a stronger one and then we hung all new drywall.  Hanging drywall on a ceiling, without any tools to hold it in place while screwing it in, is something I never want to do again.  It was physically demanding and mentally frustrating.  But it's done, and we didn't have to hire anyone.  Next, we plastered over the cracks and the nail holes.  Since I'm just an amateur, it was obvious that a smooth ceiling was going to reveal the joints between sheets of drywall, and I refuse to stare at those imperfections every night in bed (talk about insomnia!).  So, I "settled" for a popcorn-textured ceiling, the amateur's best friend when it comes to hiding imperfections.  I bought an amazing power sprayer called the Wagner Power Tex, and we are midway done applying it to the ceilings.  It's quite messy, but the work goes fast and so far I am happy with how it is looking.

I've also been working on the master closet.  The previous owner used bifold doors, which I really dislike, as well as awkward wood shelves and wooden closet rods.  I tore out those shelves and extended the wall so that there is now a smaller entrance and have installed wire shelving.

Next up is painting the walls and laying floors.  The concrete floors will require a thorough cleaning, as there is drywall mud and popcorn texture everywhere.  I'm using vinyl plank flooring, which is about as easy as it gets in terms of installation.  Once that is done, all that is left in the master bedroom are miscellaneous tasks such as tinting the windows and adding blinds, installing the new fan, moving furniture in, and enjoying the new room.  It's so close to being done and I am so excited.  Since we moved to this new house, I've been sleeping on a mattress on the floor in a tiny room.  Sleeping in a real bed will be amazing.

Saturday, October 18

Boca or Bust

Tomorrow morning we head to Boca Raton to work the registration desk at a convention for four days.  Normally I would have declined the job, as the hours are short and therefore the pay doesn't justify the cost of getting/staying away from home.  But since I haven't worked much lately outside the home, why not?  I was able to schedule a hotel mystery shop for one night, and the other two nights are at two Choice Hotels to take advantage of their "Earn One Free Night With Every 2 Stays" promotion.

Progress on the remodel continues.  I built a wall to enclose the master closet, moved the entrance door to the bedroom, added insulation to the walls and ceilings, and am in the middle of installing drywall on the ceiling in the master bedroom.  That last task is no fun at all mostly because we don't have any of the tools that make holding a 40 pound piece of drywall in place easy.  We are holding it up by hand as I screw it into the joists.  It sucks.

Good news with my rental properties:  every unit is currently rented as of Friday.  I still have a late-paying tenant at one of the townhouses, but everything else is smooth sailing.