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Tuesday, September 27

Dow Great Stuff Not so Great

As a nearly full-time landlord, I usually stock up on products I use often, ranging from shower heads to caulk to...Great Stuff.  Well, I won't be buying that last one anymore.  Not until they do the right thing.  Bet you didn't know the product features an expiration date, did you?  Neither did I.

Some time last year I purchased several 16 oz. cans of Great Stuff.  One of the last items on my list for rehabbing House #9 was to plug a couple gaps around one of the outside doors.  I had brought two cans with me (all part of my rehab kit), both of which were defective.  It sounds like there is product in the can, but nothing comes out.  Then the threaded top broke off when I was pushing down on the nozzle.

I called Dow to find out if there was a way I could still use the product, but when the lady at 866-583-BLUE said there was not, I asked her how I could go about getting it replaced.  These were two brand new, sealed cans.  She asked me to read the date on the bottom of the can.  That's when I realized this Stuff has an expiration date.  Who knew?

Long story short, DOW refused to replace their product.  The product which I didn't get to use.  You know, milk has an expiration date, too.  But that date is featured prominently on the jug, not hidden away on the bottom.  And, common sense tells you milk will expire.  I think it is unreasonable to expect the average consumer to know that this product becomes completely unusable after the date that is hidden from view.

That's too bad.  I've used a lot of DOW products in my properties.  But I refuse to buy products from unethical companies.  Until they make things right, they won't see another dime from me.


  1. Short of calling Dow, same experience. Very pissed.

    1. Glad to hear I am not alone. Two years since I wrote that article and I haven't used it since.

  2. We go through tons of Great Stuff cans and once and a while we have a dud. We just swap it at the store we got it from with no issues.

    The stores stock cans that are expired (sometimes by 2 years) and they're aware of it, but I've yet to see any connection between duds and expired cans, nor any lack of performance from the expired cans I've used so far.

    Luke - Warranty Service Tech for a large Canadian home builder.

    1. Luke,
      It's nice to know I'm not the only one to experience bad Great Stuff. I have tried it since my bad experience, but now I know to check the date first and to save the receipt.

  3. I am currently looking for some kind of hack where the contents can still be used. I am sure if you shook up the can, threw it in the attic, and shot it with a pellet or BB gun that the contents would escape and make a great big mess (not really practical). What if a hollow piercing valve that could be screwed into the bottom of the can, or perhaps the top, to allow for the user to open the valve to use the contents in a controlled fashion. Anybody with ideas of how to achieve something like this, I would love to hear them.

    1. If you come up with something I'd love to hear it.

  4. Take a small nail in vicegrips and pierce the lower part of can near the
    bottom rim. It should come out slow enough to use (in big gaps).

  5. I had 2 cans of Great Stuff that the tips broke off. I called them and they said were expired. I told them that the tips broke and being expired made no difference. They wouldn't listen. I had another can of the Pest Block and that tip broke also. I was able to use that one but it was messy.
    I was so disappointed with their customer service.
    I'll try to pierce those 2 cans with a small nail to see if I can use them. I hate to waste money.
    I purchased Loctite today and it seemed to work well! I'll stick with them for now.

    1. Sounds like you've found a replacement. To this day I still haven't bought more.