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2) Weigh less than 180 pounds by 12/31/21.
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January 1, 2019: $59,592
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Monday, July 26

A Week in the Life of a Mystery Shopper

July 18th - July 24th...

Last week I made $594 in fees and $641 in reimbursements.

  • I ran out of gas stations to shop and had to pay for gas. That was disappointing. There might be some this week that I can pick up if the bonuses look attractive.
  • I shopped another nice hotel. It included three meal periods, two bar visits and a coffee shop. Nice change of pace from running around all day.
  • I did several one-off jobs: a "product retrieval" job (I purchased $844 of merchandise that a manufacturer wanted returned - they Paypal-ed the funds upfront), a payday advance loan, three bookstores and several other odd jobs.
I've already been paid for the bus terminal shop I was worried about. That was a nice surprise. This week is somewhat unpredictable. The last week of the month I always pick up bonused shops with end of month deadlines. There's less structure to that.

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