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Friday, October 14


Sorry it's been so quiet around here.  This week was weird.  I was busy but don't have much to show for it.  Well, I do have a new tenant (assuming they sign their lease this afternoon!), so that's a positive.

House #9 rented at $695/month just 32 days after I bought it.  I like the tenants but I don't like the lease, which is a month to month.  The tenants have been trying to buy a house so they didn't want to make a year long commitment.  The reason I rented to them anyway was because I am more confident I'm going to be paid the rent on time, plus they were ready to move in.  It does me no good to have an empty house or to have an occupied house with a deadbeat tenant.

I also picked up a fair amount of mystery shopping audits that I start tomorrow and will finish up Sunday, 10/23.  It's nearly $600 for 3-4 hours of work each day.  The only problem is these are gas station audits and I have to purchase about 83 gallons of gas.  I have seven 5-gallon containers but I'm going to have to get creative and probably sell some of the gas to friends.

I'm also ready to travel again.  I'll be able to satisfy that itch soon:  on November 9th I leave for a six day trip to Las Vegas.  I'll be attending the AAII investor conference while there.


  1. That is a pretty good deal getting the house rented for $695 a month even if it is month to month.

    Harrah's has offered us 3 or 4 free nights in Vegas depending on what hotel we stay at so we might be taking a trip to Vegas too. If we go it will definitely be for 4 nights at the slightly less nice hotel.

  2. I would pick the 4 nights, too. Even the cheapest Vegas hotels are decent places to stay in my opinion. We stayed at the newly renovated Gold Spike for three days in September. It was just $18 per night. The room was small but everything in it was new.

    Maybe I should try out Harrah's loyalty program. I mostly use Boyd's BConnected because they've been generous but I hear Harrah's has some deals, too.