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Monday, October 1

Relaxing, Frugal Weekend

I would have liked to have done some end of month/quarter bonused mystery shops, but the Tampa Bay market is heavier on the supply of shoppers than was Birmingham, so there was nothing out there.  I did complete a couple shops but nothing worth noting.

On Saturday we went to St. Pete, which is less than 20 miles from home.  It was Free Arts weekend, and we participated by attending the Dali Museum and the Museum of Art.  I enjoyed the Dali museum so much - I never knew much more than Salvador Dali's name,  but now I want to read up on the artist and get to know him.  His art was thought provoking and clever.  We also treated ourselves to dessert at Ceviche.  They have a Tres Leches that is out of this world.

Yesterday we exercised.  Clearwater hosted a boat race over the weekend and I didn't realize it ended Saturday until we biked to the staging area.  Fortunately we got to see some race boats up close as the crews were breaking down and departing.  Then last night I had a fast casual mystery shop to do.  It was 5.3 miles from the house, and the original plan was to drive, but then I started wondering how bad it would be to take out bikes, which is what we did.  It was great exercise, and over the course of the day we biked about 15 miles.

I continue to discover cool places around me.  Yesterday we stumbled upon a grocery store called Nature's Food Patch, which was just like Whole Foods on a smaller scale, right down to the wood floors, olive bar and organic bean selection.  We bought a pound of lentils and used part of it to make a vegetable soup for lunch.

I was so inspired by my ability to bike to the restaurant last night that this is what we are doing this morning.  I have a breakfast shop which is very close to the place we ate last night.  The only difference today is that the sun isn't up yet so it should be a good bit cooler.

Oh, and if you are wondering how I am posting this since I don't have Internet at home... one of my neighbors has an unprotected line, so I am borrowing a bit of their juice.  I figure they probably won't miss it since no one else is awake in the area but me.

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