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January 1, 2019: $59,592
January 10, 2020: $55,164

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Wednesday, October 1

My Frugal Miser - September Income: $7,668

Nearly all my income in September was passive.  Other than a handful of mystery shops I did not work last month.  The vacant townhouse run by the management company has a new tenant and I am expecting rent from that unit for October.  My September rental income includes rent from every property but that one.

September Income $7,668

$525 Mystery Shopping
$7,101 Rental Income
$42 Other Sources

  • I don't include transactions in my retirement accounts.  This includes rental income, dividends and capital gains and losses.
  • I include merchandising and hospitality work in the mystery shopping category since the companies that I shop for provide this extra side work. 

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