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Sunday, December 7

My Frugal Miser's 2015 Goals

Once again it's time to lay out the annual roadmap.  I actually start thinking about what I want to accomplish several months before the year begins. Publishing my goals keeps me accountable:  it's a constant reminder of what is important to me.

  • Health:  Lose 12 pounds
Last year I finally began losing weight.  This year I do better.
  • Debt:  Reduce balance on 5.75% mortgage to $30,000.
This mortgage is for the last home I lived in before moving to Florida.  I bought the house in 2008 and took out a 15 year mortgage.  I would like to reduce the balance (currently $62,186) to $30,000 by 12/31/15 and pay it off in 2016.
  • Spending:  Average monthly spending, excluding Vacation and Home Repairs, will be less than $1,250.
Keeping day-to-day expenses in check is vital to Financial Independence.  There is still much to be done at the new house, and I will be prudent with how much I spend fixing it up.  I will also be smart when planning vacations, but don't want to limit spending on Experiences by a contrived dollar amount.
  • Leisure:  Take another international trip
We visited Ecuador for three weeks in September, 2014.  It is difficult to explain how such a trip affects one's life.  We were exposed to a different culture, one that lives much simpler than the always-connected lifestyle of the average American.  It was a wake-up call on what is really important.  A side benefit was that we walked everywhere and ate less, and I lost weight during those three weeks.

That's it.  I have four primary goals, and I'm going to reach or surpass each of them next year.


  1. Good luck with your goals. I need to figure out some goals for next year too or I likely won't accomplish much.

    1. You do a great job of achieving the goals you set (better than I did with Healthy Wage for sure!). You can't get to your destination without a map.