Monday, March 30

Reflections on 1Q2015

It's hard to believe we have burned through three months of 2015 already.  It's been very productive for the Frugal Miser homestead:

  • I've lost 6 pounds.
  • Total debt has declined by $12,000.
  • Net worth has increased by $18,000.
  • I've had a solid work schedule, including a record quarter for hospitality jobs.  I am now the team lead at some events I work, which means marginally higher pay for that work.  Mystery shopping jobs have also been steady.
  • I listed one of the Birmingham rental properties for sale.  My thoughts are now leaning towards exiting that market over time.
  • We have four exciting trips coming up:  a mystery shopping trip to Puerto Rico, shareholder's meetings in New York and Omaha, and a May vacation to Las Vegas/Denver.


  1. That's a great start to the year. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you! Did you go to Vegas yet?

  2. I love reading, I love blogging, and I love comments! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a wonderful day!


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