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Wednesday, April 15

Leaving Rio Grande, PR for San Juan

This morning we are checking out of the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar and headed to San Juan.  Whoever says mystery shopping isn't worth the trouble needs to try harder.  I was asked how much I am being reimbursed for doing this job, so here goes:

Round Trip Flight for 2:  $527
3 nights hotel, including resort fees and parking:  $844
Rental Car:  $120
Airport Parking for my car back home:  $36
Total:  $1,527

I also received a $50 AMEX gift card for attending the presentation and breakfast and lunch for two.  To top it off, Lady Luck was on my side, as a quick visit to the Blackjack table at the resort's casino resulted in a $100 win.  I should also point out that I am receiving points and miles for the flight and hotel stay.  I'll earn enough Wyndham Rewards points for another free night at a lower-tier hotel.

The effort required for all this?  Our presentation lasted a little more than 3 hours (we were promised 90 minutes, but I didn't do a good job keeping the salesman on track).  Entering the report literally took less than 15 minutes.  Now all that is left is dropping off the recorder at UPS.

This job falls under the "Lifestyle Shops" category, as I'm not out earning income but rather enjoying an almost free vacation.  I'll take it!


  1. Wow! That is awesome. How long have you been mystery shopping?

    1. I did my first shop in 1995, but started doing it full-time in 2009.