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Thursday, May 28

Gearing up for Travel

One day we will finish the new kitchen!  The last few days we've been wrapping up the demolition.  This included tearing out everything, down to the studs and including the old insulation.  We ripped out the ceramic tile, scraped clean the old mortar, and tore down the soffit that hung above the old cabinets.  We are finally ready to build the new kitchen.  Hopefully in a couple months it will be done.

Alas, these hospitality jobs keep calling.  Next week we are leaving for Birmingham.  A quick two-day stopover is planned there to check in with my handyman and install some vinyl plank flooring.  The onto Nashville, where we are working a 6 day conference.  The company is providing us a hotel, meals, and travel pay, but the hourly rate is low (only $12).

We finish the Nashville conference at lunch on Thursday the 11th, drive home, and then leave for Las Vegas on Saturday evening, the 13th.  This will be my first job in Las Vegas.  It's five full days, but the pay is much higher.  I'll have nights and one full day when the conference ends to enjoy Vegas.

After these two trips, the summer looks bleak.  Most major events are scheduled outside of Florida due to the threat of hurricanes for the next few months.  On one hand, that's a good thing:  I can finally commit to wrapping up this home remodel.  On the other hand, income will be tight.  Hopefully I can find some lucrative mystery shopping to fill in the gaps.

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