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Saturday, June 20

And Then They Rested

We made it home today about 4 PM.  There was barely any time in Las Vegas for fun:  I worked 49 hours over 4 1/2 days and most nights was too exhausted to do any gambling.  Our job was at the Mirage which, while a nice resort, being on the strip means the odds on the games I like aren't as good.  I only gambled a few times:  about half an hour the first day we were there, a few hours one night mid-week, and all day yesterday (Friday).  Las Vegas was really good to me:  I won more than $900 between video poker and blackjack!

Tomorrow I have a bar compliance job on the beach and we will probably redeem a Dealflicks to see a movie.  It will mostly be about recovering though from all this travel.

Since we've been on the road almost non-stop for more than two weeks, I really am looking forward to some time at home.  The kitchen remodel has taken way longer than it should, so that will be our top priority.  I do have some work lined up, including a one-day gas station route and two small meeting jobs in July.  But as of now, July is looking like a light month and should provide ample opportunity to work on this house.  Our next big trip is on August 1st when we visit a timeshare resort.

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