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Thursday, May 26

Birmingham Bound

We are waiting on Enterprise to bring the cargo van I rented as it is coming from another location.  Today we travel to Birmingham to work on my empty townhouse.  On the way I picked up three gas station audits in Panama City that were heavily bonused.  Tomorrow I have five mystery shops in Birmingham that also have a generous bonus.  These mystery shops will cover the cost of the cargo van I rented.

I don't know how much work will need to be done on the townhouse.  The tenant told me they cleaned up and that everything is working, but I'm sure we will have plenty to do over the weekend.  The plan is to come home Monday or Tuesday.  If our workload is light we can visit the Botanical Gardens and maybe see a movie at the dollar theater.

The cruise was amazing, except for the last day (sea day) when I had a run of bad luck in the casino.  I've been working the last three days in Orlando, so those earnings will offset what I lost.

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