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Sunday, June 12

Hospitality Work in June

Today we are Nashville-bound.  We drove from Tampa Bay to Decatur, AL last night and stayed at the Doubletree.  The hotel is $63/night and is about two hours south of Nashville.

I've been aggressive in picking up hospitality jobs this month because the convention season is just about over.  The Nashville job is an easy one (26 hours over 4 days), but I am only being paid $600 (my partner is receiving $400 on top of that), which includes travel expenses.  We rented a car ($125/week) and other than this one hotel room, I am redeeming hotel loyalty points the rest of the week.

Last week I worked five full days in Sarasota and Orlando.  It was for the same client but two different conferences.  Again, the long commutes really wore me down, but the pay wasn't high enough to book a local hotel.  On some of the events I work, the client has requested local talent, so there are no travel accommodations.

Wrapping up the month, I head to Las Vegas on the 25th to work a large conference.  I worked this meeting last year and really enjoyed it.   The client requested me for this one, which improves my compensation.  My flight is covered and even after paying my other travel expenses (fortunately I had enough comp room offers to cover all my hotels) there will be a healthy amount left over.

I also have over 100 BP mystery shops scheduled for June and July.  These are filling in any gaps between hospitality work.  June is going to be SOLID!

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