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Monday, October 3

My Frugal Miser - September Income: $12,060

September was a great month for income, even though we spent one week on vacation in Las Vegas.

I've figured out the trick to getting hours on Amazon Flex, and it's been rewarding.  I enjoy making deliveries, and the tips are significant.  If Uber allowed for tips, the difference in driver income would be ridiculous.  With Amazon, I am earning around $10/hour just in tips.

Rental income was okay, but one property is still vacant and a second one is becoming vacant this month.  As I've added hours on Amazon, I've worked less at mystery shopping and rideshare driving.

September Income $12,060

$332 Mystery Shopping and Hospitality Jobs
$379 Uber
$89 Lyft
$3,364 Amazon Deliveries
$6,734 Rental Income
$15 Dividends and Interest (Investment Accounts)
$1,068 Realized Gains (Losses) on Investments
$79 Other Sources

  • I don't include transactions in my retirement accounts.  This includes rental income, dividends and capital gains and losses.
  • I include merchandising and hospitality work in the mystery shopping category since the companies that I shop for provide this extra side work. 


  1. Those Amazon earnings are great. I hope they come to KC soon. I've quit driving for Uber since it wasn't worth my time. After deducting mileage I was making way below minimum wage.

    1. Amazon pays $18/hour plus tips. Virtually every order includes a tip. Plus I prefer packages to drunk people. Uber picks up in Tampa in the fall but it's only worth driving when there's a good surge.