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Wednesday, August 16

MoviePass: $10/month to see all the movies you want

Last night my partner and I joined MoviePass.  The company lowered their subscription fee to $10/month yesterday.  Since we love to go to the movies, this is a no-brainer:

  • You can see one 2D movie every day.
  • The company mails you a debit card.  All you do is go to the theater of your choice, and pay for the movie using the debit card.
  • It's a flat $10/month.  
MoviePass was founded by one of the co-founders of Netflix.  They've been in business for a while, but I think the monthly cost was $50 before.  I can't imagine this deal will last forever.  Just using it to see one movie a month should pay for the subscription.


  1. I already signed up for the MoviePass deal and was planning to post about it as well. They are obviously going to lose a lot of money with this pricing, but I'll use it until they raise the price. I saw an article that AMC was going to try to block MoviePass from working at their theaters. I don't think they'll be able to do that. It would be annoying if they do since my usual theater is an AMC.
    Enjoy your vacation.

    1. I don't see how AMC could block them if this is just a debit card. I'm assuming you can still use your loyalty membership with this as well (AMC Stubs or Regal Crown Club are the two we use). If that's the case, you should almost go buy a ticket even on days you don't plan to see a movie. Or even sell the tickets to someone standing in line for half price. I don't see this being sustainable.

    2. Doesnt Netflix own AMC? I mean seriously, movie theaters dont make money on the movies, only on the food, and I'll sure buy that. Can you use it right away or do you need to wait for something to arrive?

    3. Barbara, I don't think AMC is owned by Netflix. But you're right... they make most of their money on the food, not the movie. You have to wait for the debit card to arrive before you can use MoviePass. And, since this deal was so good, they are taking a while to get caught up. Ours are supposed to arrive by September 10th.

  2. Can this REALLY work? The low price makes me feel really doubtful...

    we'd see more than a few movies a month, if this actually could be used. (AMC is also big in our area of Colorado.)

    1. I don't think it's sustainable unless a lot of people get the cards and don't use it. But as long as it works, I will use it. Going to the movies is our primary source of entertainment. This saves us real money.

  3. First time commenting, but I've been wondering about this. Does it have day and time restrictions? I feel like there has to be a trick, you know?

    1. No restrictions, except you can only see one movie per day. You pick out the movie and theater on your phone before you go (this is the only "effort" required), and when you arrive at the theater you use the debit card that Moviepass sends you. There's nothing different than if you were buying a ticket with your own money.