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Sunday, January 13

AirBnB December Performance

AirBnB - December 2018

In our fourth month operating an AirBnB home we were cash-flow positive (that's two months in a row!)  Nightly rates are improving.  I was successful at filling a few vacant days by tinkering with rates.  Often if we are in-town and have a vacancy, I will lower rates as the vacant day approaches to try to get the house booked.  For example, I had a 3 day gap in mid-December.  Rates started at $79, which I gradually lowered until I picked up a booking at $49/night for two of those nights.  With the cleaning fee, that booking earned us $165 that we otherwise would have missed out on.

Financial Performance

Occupancy Rate:  90% (3 days unbooked)
Payments Received:  $2,886
Expenses:  $399

Net Income:  $2,487


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