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Monday, May 6

My Frugal Miser - April Expenses: $11,129

Overall April had a lot of expenses.  I replaced the HVAC system at the Airbnb.  It froze up for the second time, and with summer around the corner, I wanted to be proactive.  The old system was 20 years old so it was time. 

I also paid 6 months of auto insurance ($533), made a quarterly tax payment, and paid for our Chinese visas and gratuities for the China trip we are taking later this year.

April Expenses:  $11,129

$1,067 Auto (service, gas, insurance, AAA, etc.)
$0 Bank Fees
$10 Clothing/ Personal Care
$564 Fun (vacations movies, gambling, alcohol, concert tickets) 
$527 Food
$506 Health & Dental
$1,519 Household/Mortgage Payment/Home Repair
$34 Interest Expense*
$168 Miscellaneous
$690 Taxes includes quarterly tax payments
$0 App Jobs Expenses (tolls, car washes, etc.)
$131 Unreimbursed Employee Expenses
$57 Reimbursed Employee Expenses
$312 Utilities
$725  Rental Property Expenses
$4,889 AirBNB Expenses

*Interest expense includes student loans.  As the rate is below 2%, I am completely comfortable paying the interest each month and investing the money that I would otherwise use to pay off this loan.  

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