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Friday, November 6

Becoming an Energy Wise Home: $147/year savings

 The savings continue as I prepare for a much lower-cost of living in 2021.  The Airbnb is serviced by Duke Energy, which rolled out a new program in our area called Energy Wise.  

Energy Wise is Duke Energy's solution to heavy usage.  The way it was sold to me is, during extreme usage, the company normally has to crank up more expensive power plants.  If customers would agree to moderate their power usage during this time, everyone benefits.

A contractor is coming next week to install wifi devices on my water heater and A/C unit.  When demand is unusually high, I agree that they may shut off those appliances for a few minutes every half hour during high demand.  I am optimistic the impact to our guests will be minimal.

Just for agreeing to participate, I will receive a monthly bill credit totaling $147/year.  The actual savings may be more since I am giving the company permission to turn off the A/C and water heater during heavy demand times.

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