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Thursday, January 7

Keto Diet: 90 Days In

 I started the keto diet on October 7, 2020.  Good news:  It works!  I realize now that the reason I was so overweight can be attributed to just a few bad food choices.  Getting rid of sugar and flour and replacing them with healthier alternatives is the biggest contributor to my weight loss.  I don't even crave sugar anymore.  We have found recipes that satisfy my "sweet tooth" including a keto cheesecake and keto chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, both homemade.

Weight on 10/07/20:  236.6

Weight on 01/07/21:  211.6

Total Weight Loss:  25 pounds

I love that I lost 25 pounds and do not feel deprived.  I'm never hungry or have unhealthy cravings - those went away.  But there is more that I can do and I will probably have to do to keep up the pace.  While we have cut down on alcohol (beer has been totally eliminated), I want to keep drinking less.  I also want to eat more vegetables.  We have already started eating more salads which was a delightful change to the diet.

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