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Saturday, March 4

My Frugal Miser - February 2023 Expenses

 I bought a new house on February 1st, so there were some expenses in January associated with the move.  Because I worked so much in January, spending in many categories was minimal.

  • I paid for a moving truck and pickup truck.  We moved gradually and then completed the move in mid-February.  The majority of the Household spending was for window blinds and a new vacuum.
  • I was charged the annual fee for my Chase Sapphire Reserve card.
  • I bought two new pair of shoes.  Somehow one of my work shoes was lost in the move.


We love adventures.  Spending on experiences makes us better humans.  
  • We didn't book any new vacations in February.
  • We added AMC Unlimited for my partner.  I am traveling for work and will purchase this in March.
  • We took a cruise in February.  I spent onboard for a sushi making class and bought a few drinks.

February Expenses:  $4,074

$213 Auto (service, gas, insurance, AAA, etc.)
$550 Bank Fees (annual fees on credit cards)
$243 Clothing/ Personal Care
$480 Fun (vacations, movies, gambling, alcohol, concert tickets)
$479 Food
$28 Health and Dental
$1,484 Household/Home Repairs
$0 Unreimbursed Job Expense
$51 Reimbursed Job Expense
$0 Interest Expense
$166 Miscellaneous (cat sitter, gifts)
$9 Taxes
$372 Utilities 

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