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Sunday, May 12

Making Progress Towards My Goals - April 2024 Update

April was such a busy month that I almost forgot to update you about my goals for this year.  


My goal this year is to invest 40% of my gross income from meeting work - 30% to index funds and 10% to something more aggressive.  In April I moved 44.9% of my meeting income to investment accounts.

In April, I earned $9,248* from meeting work.  Since I also received my tax refund I was able to do several things last month.  I transferred $1,000 to the brokerage account where I make more aggressive investments and $3,150 to my other brokerage account.  In addition, I wired $6,260 to Realty Mogul for the Capital Call for my investment in Gravity in Columbus, OH without needing to dip into my emergency funds.  I purchased shares of the Vanguard Total World Stock Index Admiral Fund for the 30%.  For the "more aggressive" investment, I added to a PUT option on Beyond Meat.

In addition to these investments, I made a $2,000 contribution to my ROTH IRA in April.

*This will not match what I report in my income blog as payments aren't always received in the month the work was performed.


I'm doing well meeting my exercise goals by exercising at least 5x/week.  


I've absolutely determined that I need to work on reducing the amount of clothes I have.  There are two reasons I have too many clothes:  1) For work, different clients require different uniforms.  I can't do anything about this, unfortunately; 2) My fluctuating weight means I have clothes in different sizes.  That's not the easiest problem to overcome, either.  What I have started to do is upgrade to more durable, neutral clothing.  This gives me more flexibility, increases my confidence, and ultimately should help me own less.

Have Fun, on a Budget

We didn't take any vacations in April and I didn't plan any.  We're definitely due for a getaway!

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