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Monday, February 28

A Little Relief

It's been six whole weeks since the restaurant opened, and I've worked open to close every single day. It's a good thing we aren't open in the evening or I might have lost my mind! But, starting today - and only if we can pull it off - Chris (my business partner) and I are going to work staggered hours during the week. Chris will be at the restaurant from 5 AM until 11 AM and I will be there from 9 AM until 3 PM. Since the weekend is our busiest time, we will continue working open to close on those days.

I'm not throwing in the towel. I believe I can be more effective by working a 50 hour week instead of a 70 hour one. For the last six weeks I have left my house at 4 AM (it takes me an hour to get there) and usually arrive home some time around 5 PM...

Business is improving but we have a long way to go. Yesterday was crazy busy - in a two hour period we did nearly $800 in sales. The local newspaper featured a story about us on the front page of it's Saturday edition. Hopefully those new customers who read about us and tried us for the first time will start making our restaurant a regular eating choice.


  1. Oh...keep trying, I really think you can be successful. The staggered hours are great and you both will really be more productive. Glad the local paper featured you!

  2. Good plan you will most likely burn out if you don't work less then 70 hours.