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Friday, April 8

Frugal Sacrifices

My frugality seems weird to some people, but after a while the frugal ways become second nature and are hardly a nuisance, especially since I save money. Examples:
  • Wednesday is garbage day at my house. But unlike my neighbors, there's a bit more to waste removal at my house. Rather than spend $17 a month for the privelege of leaving my trash at the street, I find other places to dispose of it. Lately that place has been the dumpster behind the restaurant. I also have the key to the dumpster at one of my rental properties.
  • I stopped using my clothes dryer for everything but towels. I would air dry them, too, if I could figure out how to keep them from smelling. When a load of laundry is ready, I hang the clothes on a plastic hanger and then hang them on my back porch on my clothes line.
  • I haven't had cable TV in forever. And since the switch to digital TV, I have more channels to choose from. I even found a music video station the other night. Between that and my $10 per month Netflix subscription I don't see the need for cable.
I don't look at these things as a way to save money and just stop there. Saving money means I can retire sooner or not work as hard. Since I like to work I use the savings to pay off my debt.

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  1. I lost my job back in January 2010 and am still not working. My wife has her job and that is what is keeping us going. I am trying to find things online to help create income. Any ideas would be great.