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Monday, August 1

Frugal Las Vegas

In less than one month my partner and I will be flying to Vegas. This isn't a typical vacation for me because I will be gone for 9 whole days. Usually I only take 3-4 days but Southwest was having a big fare sale and the cheapest flights were on the days I booked. Sure, that means I will spend more while I'm out there, but I figured it would be nice to really get out of town and get my mind off the day to day cobwebs that stifle my creative side. I hope to return from my trip fresh and maybe, just maybe, with some ideas for new projects.

I'm still working on my budget, but here are some of the things I'm doing to keep the cost down:
  • I have a friend who has agreed to keep the cat, so there won't be any boarding costs.
  • I plan to use up everything in the refrigerator and freezer before we leave so that we can leave it unplugged. It goes without saying that the air conditioner will be turned off.
  • I'm taking advantage of comps so that some of our hotel stays are free.
Tomorrow I'll post a budget.

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