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Wednesday, August 3

My Frugal Miser - July Income: $4,795

In July I made more than I spent, but my income wasn't too impressive. It is $620 less than it would have been because I zeroed out my Prosper balance. Prosper is a site where you make small loans to individuals. A couple years ago the site stopped accepting money from my state and since then I've collected payments on those loans I did make. The last loan I made was paid off in July.

July Income
$246 Mystery Shopping
$4,221 Rental Income
$328 Other Sources
$4,795 Total Income for July


  • I "lost" $620 from my Prosper experiment. That's from deadbeats who didn't pay me back. There's still the possibility that I will receive a few dollars from time to time from recoveries but since it will be minimal I decided to zero out the balance in Quicken.
  • My mystery shopping picked up in July but I am waiting on some of the payments. Hopefully that will show up in my August income.
  • All my properties are rented. In July I spent money getting the condo ready to rent and also repaired the fascia at one of the townhouses. Nothing major.

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