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Friday, December 16

Slow Week

This week not much happened even though I stayed busy.

On Monday my partner and I tried out the new Megabus service now offered in our city.  I had free tickets so all we paid was a $.50 reservation fee.  It was okay.  The departing bus did not have working wifi that we were promised but I fell asleep so no big deal.  On the return trip the wifi worked so that was nice.  I did some restaurant mystery shops that day and we spent the rest of the time checking out the city playing tourist.

Tuesday was a busy one full of mystery shops.  I earned over $200 that day.

On Wednesday I dealt with extended family issues.  I haven't talked about it much on here but to make a long story short, my grandfather has dementia and he will probably be staying in a nursing home.  Since my brother lives 500 miles away I agreed to manage his affairs.  Hopefully that will be on auto-pilot soon but for now I've been running around paying his bills, consolidating his bank accounts and trying to figure out what to do with his house and possessions.  Also on Wednesday I completed three heavily bonused mystery shops.

Yesterday I almost took a mystery shopping route but decided to hold out for a few days to see if I can get more money.  It would have been $165 in fees but the route was about 200 miles for 9 gas stations.  So far no one has taken them so I might get lucky.  Instead, we visited the Botanical Gardens, had sushi for lunch and then went to see Abduction at the dollar theatre.

Today?  Errands.  I'm trying really hard to check off some items from my to do list before yearend.  I've decided to sell the Cartier bracelets on ebay so I need to take them to be buffed so they look new.  I also need to deposit a late rent check, return some crappy earphones I got at Radio Shack, and figure out how I'll be filing the restaurant's taxes.  Finally, I'll be spending time on 2012 goal planning.

This weekend looks to be slow as well.  I have two restaurants to shop tomorrow.  The bonuses make the pay $30 for both and they aren't too far from my house.  I may also pick up that gas station route.

Happy weekend to all!

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