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Saturday, December 3

Back Home

All good things must end.  I had an amazing time on the cruise.  I've said this before, but I'll say it again:  taking a cruise is probably my favorite vacation because I am cut off from everything back home:  no Internet, no phone, no worries.  In total we were gone 7 nights - 5 nights about the Carnival Ecstasy plus one night on either end for travel to and from home.

This will probably be the last big vacation I take at least until my Omaha trip in May.  I have to deal with the dreaded property tax bills in December and I need to work off some of my debt.  Sacrificing leisure travel is the logical way to get caught up on bills.

Before my next cruise I need to buy 100 shares of Carnival stock.  I learned that you get an onboard credit as a shareholder in addition to the onboard credit from making a deposit towards a future cruise.  Stacking both deals, and possibly a casino credit along with them, could really add some value to the vacation.


  1. It's about time you got back, I thought that vacation would never end! :)

  2. Well, when my luggage was misplaced they told me you ended up in Kalamazoo. You were the one that said not to bring you on the carry on bag!

  3. Hey, I could probably take a taxi home to Toledo from Kalamazoo! Don't judge me!Hopefully you got $ for me being lost. :)