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Monday, January 9

Busy Week Ahead

Mystery shopping was relatively slow last week so I'm glad to see a pickup in my activity this week.  I have 30 gas stations and a restaurant lined up already and plan to add a few more to the list.

On Thursday I will go to my third anthrax study visit.  It pays $75 and takes one hour.  Last week I got paid an extra $15 for answering an easy survey to see if I qualified for another study they are conducting.  The anthrax study is easy.  Last week I had my vital signs taken, gave blood (the worst part as I hate giving blood, but not so bad), and received the first injection of the vaccine.  They also gave me a snack and drink after drawing blood.

Sunday we are flying to Fort Lauderdale.  I am mystery shopping 5 hotels in Fort Lauderdale and Miami next week.  I know, I know... tough job.   These are high end properties and all my meals and drinks are reimbursed as well.

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