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Tuesday, November 6

My Frugal Miser - October Expenses: $2,876

During October I was mostly frugal.  For a second month in a row my rental property expenses ($213) were on the low side.  As I prepared to move over the summer I added a clause in my leases that my tenants were responsible for the first portion of repairs.  This was intended to cut down on nuisance calls but has had the unintended benefit of cutting down on overall expenses as well.

I would love to reduce my personal expenses to $1,000 or less each month, but at $1,386 I won't complain.  I mystery shopped so many gas stations that my out of pocket expense was only $7.  Food for two people was $166 thanks to all the restaurant and grocery shops.  Entertainment expenses were higher this month.  I spent more on alcohol thanks to a stocking up trip at Trader Joe's in Sarasota.  We also took a casino cruise where I lost $50 at blackjack.

October Personal Expenses ($1,386)

$7 Auto (all for fuel)
$12 Bank Fees
$0 Clothing
$174 Entertainment (movies, gambling, alcohol)
$166 Food
$141 Gifts Given
$504 Household/Housing/Home Repair
$139 Health and Dental Insurance
$0 Homeowner's Insurance (paid annually each June)
$0 Medical
$35 Miscellaneous
$0 Personal Care
$0 Subscriptions
$0 Taxes
$208 Utilities
$0 Vacation

October Business Expenses ($1,490)

$1095 Mortgage Interest (rental properties)
$182 Interest on Debt (not including Mortgage Interest)
$213 Rental Properties - Maintenance and Repairs

Total October Expenses : $2,876

  • I don't include principal payments in my expenses, only the interest portion of my monthly mortgage bills.
  • I expect Auto Service to increase, but it hasn't yet.  The Corolla has almost 155,000 miles on it.
  • I started the eviction process on one of my tenants last week.  There will be some associated expenses in November.

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