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Sunday, November 25

Making Lemonade, Sweeter

I'm still in Clearwater (wearing shorts and a t-shirt, mind you) even though I planned to be auditing gas stations in Tallahassee today.  Last night I checked my calendar and realized I made a planning error.  I have to work a hospitality event in Atlanta beginning Thursday the 29th.  But I was leaving Birmingham to return to Clearwater on Wednesday the 28th.   That driving would have sucked.  So, we rearranged a few things so that I am making one trip, not two.  Even better, I picked up two cell phone shops in Tallahassee paying $25 each, so tomorrow I will earn $218 instead of $168.

It's going to be a bear of a day - nearly 250 miles of driving followed by 14 shops followed by data entry.  But sticking around Birmingham an extra day will make everything easier later in the week... and I will save on gas.  I expect to earn about $700 this week, which is a decent amount considering Tuesday and Wednesday I'll mostly be goofing off and evicting my deadbeat tenant.

Cold weather, here I come.

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