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Monday, January 14

Another $56 Electric Bill

It seems our electric meter is stuck.  The last three months the bill has basically been the same.  One of my tenants had a $400 electric bill and wanted me to feel sorry for them and understand why the rent would be late.  I felt like telling them to stop being so wasteful.

So, how does one spend $56 per month for electricity in a house full of three adults?

  • Living in Florida helps, at least in the winter.  We haven't used the heat yet.  With daily highs in the low 80s last week I started to worry we were going to need the A/C.  
  • Speaking of A/C, we haven't used it since early October.  That's what ceiling fans are for.
  • Not having Internet at home means our laptops aren't draining.  They get charged at the library when we access the Internet there.
  • Not having cable TV means we don't use the one TV we have that often.  The TV is usually on for a couple hours at night, that's all.
  • I have a strict rule about the clothes dryer:  We only use it to dry socks and towels.  We wouldn't dry those except the high humidity in the South means they absolutely won't dry before they start stinking.  We use a drying rack I bought at IKEA to dry all our clothes.  As a side benefit, our clothes last forever because we aren't subjecting them to hellish temperatures all the time.
Of course, we still spend nearly $2 per day for electricity.  I would love to cut that in half, but it would be difficult to do.  We are cooking our meals at home more and more, so I would wager most of the electricity we use is for cooking and heating water.  I've considered getting a tankless water heater but haven't been able to justify the expense of switching yet.


  1. Consider getting a black water bag that you can leave in the sun. Then take your showers late afternoon with that water.

    1. Something I had not thought of. This sounds like something campers would use.

  2. We have more than cut ours in half since last year. My mother is the only one at home during the day since oldest son is a teacher, middle girl is in college, youngest girl in highschool. DH works nights usually and I am mostly days. But we unplug everything. We use power bars and then flip them off and unplug them(though I know some say you dont have to).

    1. Judy,
      That's great! I use a couple power strips where we have multiple electronics, like with the TV and DVD player. I think my biggest power user now is the water heater.