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Monday, February 25

Musings on 2013 Goals, or a Rainy Day in Pensacola

I arrived at the Econo Lodge around 11 PM last night.  The reviews it had were pretty bad, so I was pleasantly surprised by my room.  The carpet is almost new and the sheets were clean.  It's still an Econo Lodge, but not too scary.

Unfortunately, bad weather set in last night.  I was already behind schedule when I made it to the area, so some of the daytime shops I planned to do will have to wait until tomorrow.  I managed to add 5 shops to my schedule for yesterday, 1 shop for today and 5 shops for tomorrow.  Most of the work I came here to do has to be completed at night time, so I am glad I found some day time shops.  I was making decent progress last night until the skies started lighting up and torrential downpours set in.  It is supposed to rain all day today but hopefully by the time it gets dark it won't be as bad.

Since I'm stuck in a hotel for now, I've been looking over my goals for 2013 and thought I would update my progress:

  • Lose 30 pounds.  I've gained two pounds. 
  • Increase net worth by $75,000.  Strong start to the year:  I'm up $14,400, which is slightly ahead of the pace I need to keep.
  • Reduce utilities by 10%.  It was a mild winter in Clearwater, plus we eliminated the natural gas bill when we moved.  I'm on track.
  • Reduce debt to $350,000.  It's at $386,245 today.  That's a decrease from year end of $11,000.
  • Purchase one piece of real estate.  I'm currently evaluating a huge real estate deal.  It's a long shot, but I am working on this goal for sure.
This takes away some of the gloom of wet Pensacola weather.  I have been on the phone most of the morning evaluating the real estate deal.  I am hesitant to say much until I know more, other than to say it is a 50 unit apartment complex that was foreclosed on this month.


  1. How is the deal working out? were able to snag that apt complex?

    1. Unfortunately, I don't think I will. Another person made an offer that the bank accepted. I guess the deal could still fall through for them but most likely I have to find another investment.