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Sunday, July 21


I wrapped up my South Florida dealership shops yesterday and was home mid-afternoon.  We used a Groupon for an Indian restaurant and then went to see Red 2.  I don't like going to the movies at night because it costs more and is more crowded, but we had a free pass and only had to pay for one of the tickets.  Plus I've been traveling so much that my partner and I haven't had much time together.

Tomorrow I am leaving at 4 AM and headed to rural southern Georgia.  I am working my way up to the suburbs of Atlanta.  In all I have 10 dealer service shops, a 2 night hotel shop and 2 gas station shops.  I will have some down time for more shops if I find anything interesting.

If time permits I will make a quick trip to Birmingham while in Atlanta.  I hired another handyman to work on Townhouse #2 and want to look at his work plus do a few small repairs myself.  This guy has 30+ years experience and so far I have been impressed by his work - and super relieved to have found a reliable, quality worker.  Of course, his work isn't cheap, but at this point I am most interested in getting the place rented.

Monday, 7/29 we leave for Las Vegas.  It's the first real vacation we have had in nearly two years.  Our last vacation was canceled when my friend passed away.  For this trip the room is comped, plus I have a $100 daily food credit and $100 daily gambling credit.  I have no idea why Boyd is being so generous, but I'm not complaining.

I am negotiating for a HUGE mystery shopping route.  It is for the dealer service shops.  This is the mother of all routes.  For perspective, the mystery shopping company estimates I will need to be reimbursed for 50 hotel nights to complete it.  If everything works out I would begin my route after our vacation.

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