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Wednesday, July 17

Boca Raton and the Perks of Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping across America sometimes takes me to places I actually want to go.  This week I head to Palm Beach and Boca Raton for dealer service shops.  No one on earth rotates his vehicle's tires more than I do!

With the glamour comes a dose of reality:  most lucrative shopping takes place in less desirable areas.  Sunday night I drive to rural southern Georgia.  I am spending next week rotating my tires throughout the State of Georgia.  I will visit 10 dealerships.

For aspiring mystery shoppers, let me say:  there are opportunities that pay real money for your work.  One of the most common complaints I hear from my fellow shoppers is that the industry doesn't pay enough to make it worthwhile.  With these dealership shops, my mileage and hotel stays are being reimbursed in addition to bonuses on the regular shop fees.  I don't have to kill myself, either:   each day I do 2-3 dealership shops, no more.  I am free to find other work or none at all as long as those jobs get done.

The other perks I enjoy are pretty standard.  I keep the loyalty points for my hotel stays.  I also keep the rewards on my credit cards, including the 5% cash back rebate for gas via a couple of my credit cards this quarter.


  1. That is a great deal. I've never had a mystery shopping company offer anything like that. Maybe I need to suggest it next time one of them calls me.

    1. The service shops require a specific vehicle brand, model year and mileage range. I imagine that limits the shopper pool, making my availability and willingness to travel worth something to them.

      I contacted the company about doing routes, but it was only because I had reached the maximum shops I could self-select. That lead to the conversation about doing larger routes with my expenses being reimbursed.

      Lesson learned: never hurts to ask!

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