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Thursday, September 12

Morristown, TN

It's been a fast week.  I'm spending the night at a Super 8 in Morristown, TN.  I managed to do an extra shop today so I only have three to do tomorrow.  One of those is in Sevierville, which is a town with so many memories for me.  My best friend in the world from grade school moved there in the 5th grade.  We stayed in touch and visited often; I attended his wedding, and now we are Facebook friends.  Unfortunately, Sevierville is my "middle" stop and my last stop is a long drive from there, so I won't be able to visit.

Tomorrow night I check-in to Sam's Town in Tunica.  I look forward to having a relaxing Saturday playing video poker and blackjack and partaking in some red grapes.

I will post my earnings and expenses for the week on Sunday.  Just 61 shops left in this route!

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