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Monday, November 4

The Week Ahead

I thought I would have more time last week to work on my to-do list, but I loaded up on mystery shops and when I was home I was not very motivated to do anything other than watch Netflix.  Three months on the road drained my energy!

So this week I want to check some things off my list.  I am starting today with 12 mystery shops.  I am nervous about the new car shop I am completing this morning.  I am supposed to shop an uber luxury vehicle and my budget is $150,000-$200,000.  There will be some serious role play to pull that off.  In preparation, I trimmed my nails, cut my hair and am wearing a nicer than normal outfit.  I also looked on Google Maps to find a place nearby to park the S-10.  It would not be wise to drive to the dealership in a 2002 pickup.  The nice part about high end mystery shopping is that the pay is higher, and that is the only reason I agreed to do this shop.  The other 11 shops I am doing today are easy gas station mystery shops that take 10 minutes each.

After today I only have 7 gas stations and a takeout pizza shop scheduled.  I am sure there will be more that comes up, so I am not worried.  A light workweek leaves time for everything else.  On Wednesday I have to have a root canal retreated.  It's been a couple of years since my root canal, but when I had my teeth cleaned in September the dentist noticed a problem that has to be corrected.  I also want to replace my brake pads.  I have never done that but my brother says it is easy to I'll be learning via Youtube.

The rest of my week will be filled with boring but necessary tasks.  Things like paying bills and figuring out whether I can live without Quicken:  I do most of my work on a Chromebook, but Quicken has to run on a PC or Mac.  My PC is on its last legs.

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