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Thursday, August 14

My Frugal Miser - July Expenses: $13,570

We made it back to Florida a little after midnight last night.  The California hospitality job and Las Vegas side trip were just what I needed to wipe away the stress of working on the new house every day.  I've reserved a moving truck for Tuesday.  Between now and then we have plenty to do, mostly cleaning up the mess from all the repairs we've done.

As expected, all those repairs added up.  After finding termites, I paid $1,900 to treat the house.  Two new entry doors have been ordered, an electrician made repairs, new floors have been installed, and the house was painted.  We did the floors and paint ourselves, but I hired someone to install the entry doors.  I spent nearly $10,000 in July on repairs at the new house.

There were some other large expenses, too.  After negotiating my hospital bills from the May incident, I had to pay $1,079.  I paid $300 to take a 0% cash advance from one of my credit cards.  I also bought a Steak n Shake gift card that I haven't yet used to take advantage of a bonus promotion (received $125 but only paid $100).

July Expenses:  $13,570

$250 Auto ($124 refund from GEICO from canceled policy, $6 on gas, $267 for depreciation, $101 to insure the moped)
$300 Bank Fees
$38 Clothing
$0 Computer
$120 Entertainment (movies, gambling, alcohol)
$403 Food
$35 Gifts Given
$11,381 Household/Housing/Home Repair
$0 Home Insurance
$245 Health and Dental Insurance
$0 Investment Expenses
$1,079 Medical/Dental
$0 Miscellaneous
$143 Personal Care
$0 Subscriptions
$(565) Taxes (refund)
$136 Utilities
$6 Vacation and Recreation

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