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Saturday, February 7

Time to Play the Credit Card Game to Reduce Expenses

I've been sitting on the sidelines watching other bloggers make money by taking advantage of credit card hacks.  Sit no more, as I just applied, and was approved for, the Ink Plus by Chase Business Card.  The appeal is simple:  if I spend $5,000 during the first three months, I will receive 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points, worth $625 in free travel.  The card has a $95 annual fee which is waived for the first year.  I will have to decide if it is worth keeping.  Besides the opening bonus, I can earn 5x points at office supply stores and phone/Internet bills and 2x points at gas stations and hotels.

There's no need to explain how this "game" works:  plenty of sites, including Tight Fisted MiserThe Points Guy and Johnny Moneyseed detail how to take advantage of the offers.

Now that I have learned some strategies, I'll be looking at opening other cards with the goal of drastically reducing my travel expenses.


  1. The Chase Ink is a good card for free travel. I'll get it myself someday. In case you don't already know, a good way to manufacture spend for this card is to buy $200 Visa gift cards from Staples. With the 5% cash back you make a little money on each card even after subtracting the card fees.

    1. Thanks for the tip. Do you also earn Staples rewards when you do that?

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