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Sunday, January 17

Busy week ahead

This past week has been an adjustment.  I had planned to drive for Uber, but with the surprise rate cuts my plans changed.  I gave three Uber rides and one Lyft ride this week; my earnings declined by 95%.  I tried to make the most of it though.  I hooked up the new kitchen sink including the faucet and drain lines, then I installed the new dishwasher.  This was my first dishwasher install, and it wasn't difficult at all.  Finally, I moved the mud sink to the utility room and hooked it up as well.  I figure I saved $400-$500 in labor by doing this all myself.  We went to the movies several times.  This week we saw The Forest, 13 Hours and The Hateful Eight.

In a couple hours we will drive to Orlando for the first of five days working a hospitality event.  We are helping a pharmaceutical company with a hiring event.  The work is different than other jobs we've done and I look forward to it.  We will drive home tonight and beginning Monday night we will stay in a hotel in Orlando.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, next Monday we leave for Panama.  I feel unprepared and haven't put together an itinerary yet.  We'd like to visit the Canal, the Summit Zoo and Botanical Gardens, and Panama Viejo.  It should be a blast.

Upon our return, we have six days off before the start of another program.  My partner is only working one day but I'll be working four days.  Combined, I'll be making $1,300 from both programs, which definitely eases the pain from not driving for Uber.

Speaking of Uber, there have been some driver protests in Tampa, some of which the media has picked up on.  I doubt that will make any difference in rates, but it is nice to see people fighting back against these low rates.  Tampa now has the lowest rates in the United States.  Accounting for Uber's commission and adjusting for all miles driven, not just "loaded" miles, drivers in Tampa are only paid $.24-$.26/mile.  That doesn't come close to covering the expenses of operating a car, much less provide an income for the driver.


  1. Have fun in Panama. I went there a few years ago as part of a trip through Central America. I visited the canal, but didn't do much else sightseeing. It was crazy hot when I was there. Hopefully, you'll have more pleasant temperatures.

    1. I hear it's very tropical there. Should be easier for me since Tampa has heat like that in the summer. Hopefully it will be really fun though.