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Monday, April 11

Making Money Driving for Amazon

Recently I learned about a new opportunity to deliver packages for Amazon.  Called Amazon Flex, the position is available in select cities that have nearby Amazon distribution centers.  The company is supposed to offer customers in Tampa a new option soon.  Dubbed Amazon Prime Now, the app-based shopping site delivers within two hours free to Prime members or within one hour for an extra fee.

Today I attended a two hour webinar about the program.  Drivers who are accepted are given two hour shifts that pay $18/hour plus tips.  You provide your availability on Thursday by noon for the following week, but are only assigned two hour blocks based on anticipated demand.  Ideally you would want to be assigned multiple consecutive blocks, since the warehouse is almost 45 minutes away from my house.  During each two hour block you are only given as many deliveries as you could make in that time period, and you are paid the entire two hours even if you finish earlier.

I haven't decided for sure whether I will sign up, but I'm seriously considering giving it a try.  My biggest concern is that the warehouse is so far away from my house that I would be driving too many miles to justify the pay.  I'll post an update later.

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