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Sunday, July 3

Back From Vegas

I arrived home early this morning from a week in Las Vegas.  This was the second year I worked Call Center Week.  After paying my flight and car rental, I earned about $700 for the five days I worked.  It isn't a ton of money but more than I was paid last year.  Since my hotel stays and virtually all my meals were free, I was able to keep my travel expenses low.

Working the conference was mentally and physically tough, but I enjoyed it.  The client gave me a ticket to see the Beatles Cirque du Soleil show, Love.  The Beatles were before my time so I never got into them much, but the show was fabulous and I enjoyed it enough that I will go again.  Since I was exhausted from working every day I didn't do much gambling.  I ended up winning about $100 over the entire trip.  I also "won" a movie pass and t-shirt for playing, so I got to see the new Purge movie for free.

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  1. That sounds like a good trip to me, you made money working and gambling. After I get back from my upcoming hike I need to look into these hospitality jobs.