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Tuesday, July 5

Plans for July

July and August are the slowest months for hospitality work in Florida.  The threat of hurricanes, combined with the heat, keep most conventions from coming.  Last year I signed up to drive for Uber and Lyft during the slow time.  I will most likely do some of that this summer.  The rates are lower this year so I have to focus on the busier dayparts only.  I am starting July with a decent mystery shopping/audit route.  The stores are all local and I will probably finish the entire route this week.  I had a very large audit route in June that I completed before I left for Las Vegas.  That will be a healthy check when I get paid.

I would also like to do some work around the house in July.  This week we are painting the ceiling (or popcorning, not sure just yet) in the living room.  I still have a little work to do where the kitchen and dining room meet.  Right now there is a gap in the floor and the walls as the kitchen was not part of the original house.  I need to cut some molding for the walls and find a transition piece for the floor.  The next big project on the list is remodeling both bathrooms.  I probably won't start on that anytime soon, but who knows.

In August we are taking a cruise from Barcelona.  I need to focus on income this month since we will be out of the country for more than half the month.

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