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Thursday, June 28

Moving: The Perfect Excuse to Simplify

All these gas cans... gone!
In a month we are moving to our new home.  Unlike previous moves, I'm converting my current house to an AirBnB.  It won't be necessary to move every piece of furniture to the new place:  some of it will stay put for our guests.  This has motivated me to pare down unnecessary possessions.

This week we took three oversized boxes of clothes and knick-knacks to Salvation Army.  I also posted for sale all but one of the gas cans I had.  I used to mystery shop dozens of gas stations and needed to store all the free gas I was getting.  I've moved away from that - it's not part of the big picture that will get me to financial independence.  What an exhilarating day - less than an hour after posting the 15 gas containers on Facebook Marketplace, I had a buyer.  I deposited the $100 cash into the bank.  The next day, we cleaned the utility room where these were stored - so much room now!

Getting rid of things feels great.  All these unnecessary material things require cleaning.  The clutter is a distraction.  Try looking for something when you have to move everything around to find it.

There's one area that I've been struggling with:  my rental property supplies.  Right now, a good part of a bedroom is filled with containers, everything from screws, tools, cleaning supplies, parts and more.  I barely use these things, but I do use them.  I'd like to pare down to the essentials, especially since I only use my tools when there is a vacancy.  For everyday repairs, I usually pay someone to fix things since I am an absentee landlord.  This is the next area I'd like to tackle.

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