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Tuesday, September 1

My Next Financial Goals

 This month I am embarking on a new set of financial goals:

  • Pay an extra $1,100/month on my home mortgage.  This will eliminate $1/week in interest expense.  My mortgage rate, 4.75%, is 50% higher than prevailing rates.  I tried to refinance, but the defective underwriting process finds I don't earn enough money to pay a less-expensive mortgage.  No irony there!
  • Transfer $1,000/month to investable savings.  I have designated a savings account for funding investments.  This can include making improvements to the Airbnb or rental properties, investing in new opportunities, or for anything else that can increase my recurring monthly income.
  • Transfer $400/month to my brokerage account.  The last several years were focused on debt reduction.  It's time to start increasing my nest egg.
At first glance these sound like "softball" goals.  All I am doing is committing to moving money around.  In reality, I am committing to earning enough income to achieve these goals.  If I am falling short, I will have to earn more income to make up the shortfall or cut something like a vacation or unneeded expense.  

This is just the start!  I'm going to monitor my progress.  If the goals are too easy, I will adjust them.  Since I am committing $2,500/month towards this, I think it will be a big enough goal to motivate me to work harder but not so big as to discourage me.


  1. Those are some pretty big goals. You'll be doing great if you make them.

  2. Sorry to hear about the home mortgage. But it sounds like you have a plan. Since you are creative, I hope you find a way to get rid of it soon. Funny how 5.125% sounds "high" these days - but everything is relative I guess.

    1. Thanks. I hate overpaying for anything, even though my interest rate isn't historically bad.