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Wednesday, April 21

2021 Goals Update

 2021 is flying by and it's important to check my progress towards fulfilling the year's goals.  Every year I set 3 or 4 goals, usually related to weight loss and managing my money.  This year is no different.  My goals for 2021:

$1,000/mo. to short-term savings and $400/mo to investments

What better way to reach a goal than to automate the steps?  I wanted to send $1,400/month to these two places.  Right now I am transferring $2,000/month but in a different order:  at the moment I'm sending $500 to a short-term savings account and $1,500 to an investment account.  Goal exceeded.

Weigh less than 180 pounds by 12/31/21

On October 7th, 2020 I was the heaviest ever:  239 pounds.  That's the day I started a keto diet.  I am on track, and right now I weigh 195 pounds.  I should be able to reach my goal by the end of the year.

Read more books

Can't win them all, can you?  I've put some effort into this, and technically I have read more books this year than last year.  But not as much as I'd like.  When we decided to move, I shifted focus to getting into the new house.  Now that we're here, there's quite a few projects going on to make it more comfortable.  Even so, I have managed to do some reading.  I've read a couple of books on the Kindle, as well as one I checked out of the library.  I'm keeping my Kindle charged and located in a convenient, visible place.  But there are still lots of physical books on my bookshelves that are doing little more than gathering dust.  I plan to change this.

How are you doing towards your own goals?


  1. You're doing great on your goals.
    After reviewing my blog I found out I hadn't set any goals for this year. I did state that I would set goals later and one of the goals would be to lose weight. I'll make a specific weight loss goal starting in May and decide on 1 or 2 more goals then as well.

    1. That's great, Andy. You are probably losing weight on your hike. Did you check the scale before you started?