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Thursday, September 2

My Frugal Miser - August 2021 Income

August continues the trend of income exceeding expenses, although my income was lower than it has been in other months. 

The Airbnb was vacant 7 days, 5 of which I blocked because we were traveling.

Rental income was solid.  The tenant at the condo did not make an August rent payment.  I received two dividends in my taxable account at Realty Mogul.  I also received two payouts from Realty Mogul to my Self-Directed IRA.  I don't report retirement account activity in my income.

I worked two meetings in August which will be paid out in September.

August Income: $9,324

$0 Mystery Shopping/ Merchandising
$961 Meeting Jobs
$0 Gig Apps (Rideshare, Food Deliveries, etc.)
$720 Amazon Deliveries
$3,582 Rental Income (Rental Expenses:  $428)
$3,283 Airbnb Income (Airbnb Expenses:  $1,232)
$11 Interest Income
$767 Other Sources

Investment Accounts Change in Value:  ($5,346)

Investment accounts were down a bit last month.  I have a short (bet against) position on AMC, which gained about 30% in August.  It defies logic, so I defiantly hold onto my short because eventually the stock will come crashing down.

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