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Saturday, March 9

Making Progress Towards My 2024 Goals - February Update

Here's how I did in February...


A new goal this year is to invest 40% of my gross income from meeting work - 30% to index funds and 10% to something more aggressive.  I remain on track in Month 2.

In February, I earned $9,102* from meeting work.  I transferred $3,750 (41% of meeting income) to my brokerage accounts. I purchased a 3 month term CD for the 30%.  The "more aggressive" investment has not yet been deployed.  

I am shifting to a more liquid investment (the CD) for now due to the performance of my real estate syndications and the likely need to add cash to those deals.  A few of the deals I invested in are new construction, and those construction loans have to be replaced by standard loans as the debt matures.  One deal I am particularly optimistic about is a development that was just completed in Columbus, OH.  The sponsors announced that a capital call is forthcoming to cover interest expense until the lease-up is complete.  Basically, the buildings are complete, but it takes time to fill them with tenants.  Interest rates are higher today than they were when construction began, so the project requires more cash to pay interest until things stabilize.  I'm willing to fund this shortfall because I am optimistic about the project long-term.

*This will not match what I report in my income blog.  I earned $9,102, but received less than that as payments aren't always received in the month the work was performed.


I'm doing well meeting my exercise goals.  Last week I worked an event in Chicago for 8 days.  I visited the fitness center 5 of those days.  I also exceeded 10,000 steps on 5 days.  Unfortunately I made some mistakes on my diet.  I ate dessert twice and had carbs in the form of french fries, sandwiches and breaded fish multiple times.  There were some stressful personal events going on last week and I always use food as a coping mechanism.  Bad habit, no excuses.


I worked so much last month that I was barely home.  I plan to add more to the donation box in March.

Have Fun, on a Budget

I want to limit the fun budget to $5,000 in 2024.  I didn't purchase any travel in February.  The fun budget was limited to our AMC A-List subscriptions and the purchase of some Kava-based drink powders.

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