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Tuesday, April 9

My Frugal Miser - March 2024 Expenses

 Don't let my total spending fool you.  March was a frugal month.  Being on the road for work nearly the entire month surely makes it easier to spend less.

  • I prepaid $500 towards the water bill to earn a sign up bonus on a new credit card.
  • I paid the $95 annual fee for the Chase Hyatt card.
  • I paid $5,000 towards quarterly taxes.  I just filed my 2023 tax return and can probably adjust that number down moving forward.


We love adventures.  Spending on experiences makes us better humans.  
  • I spent $115 on a product called U Relax.  It's a powdered alcohol-alternative beverage.
  • I booked flights on Allegiant for an Asheville trip that we aren't going to take - I was offered a meeting job over those dates and decided to do that instead.

March Expenses:  $6,704

$72 Auto (service, gas, insurance, AAA, etc.)
$95 Bank Fees (annual fees on credit cards)
$230 Clothing/ Personal Care
$356 Fun (vacations, movies, gambling, alcohol, concert tickets)
$366 Food
$247 Health and Dental
$89 Household/Home Repairs
$15 Unreimbursed Job Expense
$394 Reimbursed Job Expense
$0 Interest Expense
$0 Miscellaneous (cat sitter, gifts)
$5,119 Taxes
$509 Utilities 

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