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Saturday, April 13

Making Progress Towards My Goals - March 2024 Update

I had a little downtime at the beginning of March, but then I spent more than two weeks on the road.


My goal this year is to invest 40% of my gross income from meeting work - 30% to index funds and 10% to something more aggressive.  I remain on track in Month 3.

In March, I earned $8,313* from meeting work.  I transferred $3,300 (39.7% of meeting income) to my brokerage accounts. I purchased shares of the Vanguard Total World Stock Index Admiral Fund for the 30%.  For the "more aggressive" investment, I bought 100 shares of Bayer (BAYRY).

In addition to these investments, I made a $1,000 contribution to my ROTH IRA in March.

Last month I said I was shifting to liquid investments due to potential capital calls for some of my real estate syndications, and it's likely that will continue.  However, I felt comfortable adding to my index fund this time.  I am expecting a tax refund in April which will pad my cash cushion.  I did receive a capital call for the new development in Columbus, OH, but I have enough cash on hand to fund it.

*This will not match what I report in my income blog as payments aren't always received in the month the work was performed.


I'm doing well meeting my exercise goals by exercising at least 5x/week.  


Adding a few things to the donation bin is becoming a routine.  I didn't actively declutter, but whenever I stumble on something I don't need, it either gets trashed or donated.

Have Fun, on a Budget

I want to limit the fun budget to $5,000 in 2024.  In March I booked a flight to Asheville for a trip on Allegiant Airlines this month, but then canceled plans when I picked up a 7 day meeting over those days.  Roundtrip for two was under $184.  I also paid for our AMC A-List subscriptions and the bought some Kava-based drink powders called U Relax.  These are our substitute for alcohol.

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