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Monday, September 21

Let's Get Started

Why am I here, and why should you read this?

I created my first blog way, way back before they were called blogs. The year was 1997, and my life was on an emotional roller coaster (more about that in a future post). I thought I had an interesting story to tell, so I told it to the masses.

Then, everyone started doing this "blog" thing, and I got bored. Sure, there are some gems out there, but the world could do without most blogs. There is a void I can fill. As much searching as I have done, I haven't found the perfect spot for tips on being ridiculously frugal. I've had enough of those sites that encourage the reader to skip Starbucks in favor of a home-brewed Folgers, or the ones that tell you to combine errands to save on gas. These are great ideas, but I'm already doing them.

I am here to ponder what the ultimate miser would do to cut costs to the bone. If you google the word "miser", you'll be depressed by what you see. It turns out to be a miser is to be miserable. That's hogwash. I yearn to be frugal because I want financial freedom. I am so tired of having debt. I am tired of worrying about bills. I would love nothing more than to retire at age 40 and travel the world. Sure, as a miser I'll pack the soap and shampoo bottles from each hotel as I leave...that is, if I spring for a hotel room. But I'll be able to swipe toiletries from any city I want, because I will have financial freedom.

I am already frugal. I hope you will join me on my adventure into becoming the ultimate frugal miser.

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